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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by chevyman1, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. chevyman1

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    A huge LCO in the area mows a maintenance free development with a lot of houses and a lot of common areas...beautiful grass, and it's watered too. It costs a fortune to live there. Anyway, every time they mow (they use walkers and a toro) they bag...they have a huge crew and they have the common dump piles all over the road and vacuum up and leave 1x per week. Why on Earth would they bag this everytime considering the time lost in doing so, the overhead, etc? Maybe it's in the contract, but why not run doubles or gators and just mow???? They have like a 4-5 person crew in there for 10 hrs, I feel like after watching them that myself and 1 person could do the same amount in that time with bigger mowers and effeciency. Any thoughts as to why? I found out the association's contact there and plan on calling her in the fall to see if I can bid. A friend of a friend lives there and claims the lawn with fall/spring cleanup is like 28k
  2. GRT

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    Hard to pass judgement without seeing the contract...
  3. chevyman1

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    yeah I know, tough to say....
  4. J-dub

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    I agree, chevy... The LCO is likely (at least hopefully) charging extra for the bagging, too.
  5. Green&Growing

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    When I worked for a larger company we did some HOA's and they required us to use walk behinds. They claimed the ZTR's tore up the turf to much. They also required us to bag certain areas....I have no idea why. We also had to prune trees/ trim shrubs, mulch, etc at certain times. The HOA had the whole year mapped out. And there was NO skipping, we had to mow every week no exceptions.
    We have to remember these HOA board members usually don't know jack about what we do. All they know is the last crew used Z's and left divits, so all Z's must leave divits. They won't believe you when you tell them you can do it without tearing up the lawn. They don't want to take a chance.
    I say contact the HOA to ask their requirements and if you can submit a bid for next year....or even snow removal this year (if it applies).
  6. chevyman1

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    thank you very much sir
  7. Liberty Lawncare

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    I had a chance to take over a contract on one of these. I let it go hoa's are a pita. I always charge extra to bag.
  8. dlandscaping

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    They may bag because they can dump for free, and you dont leave clumps when bagging. If there are a lot of mulch beds, sometimes mulching causes clippings to go into them. Bagging doesnt take that much longer. A large lco does a developement around here with Walkers and they do it fast. THey bag and then dump in 5 different spots. THen someone comes by and picks up the piles.
  9. chevyman1

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    that's what these guys do....but me running mulching blades on a Dixie with a 60 inch deck (and if I get this place, I'd buy either another 60" or 72") can go faster than the Walkers forward speed, and never have to stop to dump
  10. Pecker

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    I'd bet that they are bagging because it is required of them and they are getting paid to bag. It would make no sense for a large LCO to bag for the same $$ as not bagging.

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