Help me with no-start Briggs 6.5hp

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by deapee, Sep 7, 2007.

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    OK...I posted a thread about a week ago asking for a little help.

    We pretty much determined it was the carb that was giving me a no start on my 6.5hp briggs engine. Basically, gave it a new plug, no good...swapped gas, no good...when I prime it, it starts. If I keep priming it, it stays running...stop priming and it stalls.

    If I start it with the air filter off, it starts to sputter, I can put my hand over the carb intake real quick and take it back away and keep it running like that.


    anyway, here's a pic:


    The ones that say sprays fine, means I put my carb cleaner tube in there, and it comes through the other end.

    The one in the middle on the left that sprays fine makes the carb cleaner go through by the butterfly valve. When I spray the one that says clogged, it doesn't come out, just holds pressure in there. It's just metal in there though and doesn't seem like anything removeable...any help?


    The needle is clean, there was gas in the bowl, the float is empty (not filled with gas) and the o-rings and all that seem good and were not leaking.

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    The one in blue is not supposed to be open......

    Did you clean the holes in the bowl nut which is the main jet as mentioned in your other thread ?

    Did you know you could buy a brand new carb in the $40 range ?
  3. deapee

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    I must have missed the part about the nut being part of the jet...but that makes sense. I just sprayed it out really good now. I'll put it back together tomorrow and see what happens.

    No, I didn't know how cheap a new one was lol.
  4. deapee

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    from pa
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    OK...well I got it all cleaned out and she runs like a champ this morning.

    I found another problem though...the gasket that goes between the carb and the air filter is ripped by the screw...this is like a port where the primer pushes air, so my primer isn't working now. But I sprayed a little starting fluid, and she fired up good...tried it again with no fluid, fired up good.

    Had to be that jet clogged and I must have ripped this gasket when I took on and off the cover so many times. I'm going to go see if they have a new one down the road... Thanks so much for the help (in this thread and the other thread).

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