HELP ME with this tree bid please

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He is going to be home tommrow morning and im going to go over some things then im going to give him my price and see what he says. For example theres roughly 30 trees that he wants down. If he called me and wanted just one tree down id charge him prob 50-70$ but thats just one tree now if i charged him 30 a tree and gave him the discount cause its a bigger job thatd still be 900$. Id have about 20$ in gas at max and maybe 200$ in labor. I could have it done in a 10 hour day. Haha ill let u know how it goes then u guys can judge my skills from this job lol
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I wouldn't discount much
You be going in the hole if you price 900 for 30 trees

I must miss something how big are these trees


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$2250. You're going to go through about 5 chains at $25 each, a gallon of bar oil, gas, all that. Don't bid $1000, that's just plain crazy.

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