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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RChris57, Mar 7, 2008.

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    Help me word this quote/bid! My daughter just moved into a small townhouse situation (rental). There are two separate buildings, each with 4 townhouse units, located on a cul-de-sac.

    The realtor representing the owners asked us to submit a bid. She said the other bids are too high, and wants to see what we would bid. Upon getting specifics, they want the grass cut in June July August, every two weeks, maybe some month even just once a month. What:confused: I live south of Atlanta, grass will need cut way before June. Every two weeks might be managable in the blazing days of July, but once a month?
    Not sure if I should just submit a bid that would cover the property as I think it should be managed, or submit a bid that would be higher, even if cutting fewer times, due to having to take extra time on an overgrown lawn.
    Sounds like the owners want to just keep that overkempt look just around the corner:hammerhead:
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    Well since no one else has told you to stay away from this account yet, I will tell you to stay away. Hahah, I've been out of south GA for 10 years now and I can still remember when the grass would need to be cut WAY before June. Are you kidding me? Thats like the homeowner that wants the grass cut at 2.5 after it hasnt been cut in 2 weeks and its rained a few or even one time. But almost worse because the tenants have to put up with that when part of their pay should be maitenance. I'd submit a bid saying the most you can really do is 10 days or maybe 2 weeks between cuttings or else tell them its going to cost just as much because you will be double cutting.

    O yea, after editing, did you mention mowing services in September, Oct, Nov, and maybe one cut in Dec? What are they planning on doing during those months?

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