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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Edgewater, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. Edgewater

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    I just got a new Toro Z master w/44" deck, bag kit and 17 hp kawi.

    I cun run it fine without tearing grass or swinging the bag kit into anything.

    My questions are;

    1) Does the overhead view of a zero turn look like a perfect letter U, or does it look more like a light bulb, where for a left hand turn, you swing a bit to the right and then fully around to the left?
    Does the inner wheel ever go backwards?

    2) would it be easier to make a zero turn on a machine with a wider deck. My 44 is noe much wider than the wheel track, so the inside wheel has to turn real tight. i imagine that on a 60 or 72 inch machine, it is easier to get the turn since the deck sticks out further, thus the inner wheel move further over.

  2. CBB

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    The inner wheel going backwards is the key to making a good turn. Keep both wheels moving. When one sits stationary, it will twist the grass leaving a torn circle in the turf. Practice it slow, or even on a gravel parking lot.
  3. Bret Austin

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    and let the rings around the trees begin! be careful not to zero turn around trees. :nono: doing this causes worn circles to appear thru the season. instead do a 1/2 around going one way, then back the other way, mix it up.

    if this is your first ztr, it will really increase your production!
    good luck.
  4. bastalker

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    Alot of LCO's up here do K turns to minimize lawn tear. Its another option, and if you are new to zt's you might want to try it.

    Then you can also do the lightbulb turn you were talking about, and run a couple of border passes at the end.. Something to think about...;)

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