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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GLC, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. GLC

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    I am thinking about buying a used mower. I need to know what the compression ratio is on a 25 hp Kohler. IN other words, how many lbs of pressure per square inch in the motor? Let me know something ASAP!! Thanks for all yall help.
  2. IBGreen

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    I'll get right on that one!:confused:
  3. Awilkinson

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    Why????? The ratio is almost identical on all small engines in this class. I.E. B.S./KIS./Kol/ ect. food for thought.......
    12-15 hp, same piston and ratio, 16-20hp same 21-25 same
    on a bs, 11 hp is the same as a bs 13 hp the only change is the carb setting. ratio should not be a factor. the only factor would be if it was not pulling the rated power. then it would be easy to tell if you had a blow by problem if ther is fuel in the oil, or oil on the plug. Just my 2 cents.:angel:
  4. SLS

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    If it is a later-model Command or Command Pro it is 9.0:1

    If it is a Aegis series it is 8.5:1
  5. GLC
    Did you want comp ratio or are you doing compression test before buying used motor?

    Range should be 120-150 psi
    you want nothing under 100 (indicates repairs needed)
    or no variation between cylinders of over 20%

    If thats not what your looking for-never mind
  6. ahah

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