Help measuring and pricing for stone job.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Landscape Maint.Services, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Hello guys , kinda new to the forum.Im working on a job here to replace a customers beds with stone, he has shale down now but its getting thin in some areas and the plastic underneath is showing through, I figure and inch and a half maybe two inches should do the trick. Well i broke the beds down in to sections and measured them. Here is what i got

    Thats what i got for bed sizes. Now since its stone do i convert to tons or use yards?
    I have done many mulch jobs , but this i sby far the biggest bed amount i have undertaken yet. The beds are really full of plants so maybe 25% in each bed of plant space, im assuming. Well i keep gettin a rediculous amount of like 20 tons, it doesnt seem right to me. Can anyone help me out with this and lead me in the right direction. Im just drawing a blank here, and i know im doing something wrong, i have been banging my head for an hour or two and cant think strait now.HELP
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    I would figure out your total square footage and how many inches you want to put down and call your local stone yard or were ever you get rock and they are pretty good at estimating how much you need. Hope this helps
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    thanks, that's a good idea, didnt even come to that conclusion. lol
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    I also have a formula at the office i will post if i have time tommorow.
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    YVI, you live in Steamboat Springs. Oh, man is that great or what? Let me guess work all summer play all winter. Probably the best sking in this country.
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    TPnTx Yeah up here in the mountains wont stop snowing so its not good for landscaping. It snowed 480 inches and wont stop it seems like good for plowing but ready to start landscaping. Skiing was probally the best its been infive years you been here before?

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