Help, meeting bank president of outside operations tomorrow

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by woodlawnservice, Jan 21, 2018.

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    I'm trying to prepare myself the best I can before my sit down meeting with a local Banks president tomorrow of outside operations. This contract we are working on will cover all 25 locations they have. Its about a $700,000.00 dollar contract.... tomorrows meeting will be the first sit down with him to present myself and my company.. This shall give him confidence in us. We are competing against roughly 2 other companies and have a very good chance of obtaining this.. so, ... what all would you bring to the meeting? He will sit down with me and we will work on a scope for all his locations ( they currently do not have this) and all location are serviced by several different companies.. We are working to combine all these contract into one blanket one by us.. We will handle everything! He is sitting down with me tomorrow to review some numbers on what his current contractors are providing him such as mulch quantities, flowers, etc... hopefully I can also see what they are currently paying! Id like to help save them some $$ in the process of this but I do not want to flat out ask... but if I knew... even better chances.. what all would you ask for, or bring with you to the table...H
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    lol I can feel your excitement.... I'd bring breakfast or lunch lol
    Good luck.
    Out of my league
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    $28k per bank? Where did you come up with $700k?
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    Good luck on your meeting. Just breathe. be Confident.
  5. OP

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    between my estimations of each operation... mowing, landscaping maintenance, spraying, mulching, flowers.. etc.. only numbers I do not know is quantities of materials such as flowers and mulch they have been receiving... Tomorrow will confirm this but I'm also hoping to get a peek at any additional numbers that may be listed.. I was told by him we will sit down in payroll dept. and pull all the invoices on each location!
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    Obviously you know what you would like to ask him. There are no clear cut rules, once ur there with him you will most likely be able to read his vibe and you’ll know which way to go. How hard to push him for info. I would surely go in wanting all the info he would give me and remember he puts his drawers on first too just like you. Don’t stress it. The first time I did this I was terrified but I learned that wasn’t necessary.
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    What area of Oklahoma are you working in?
  8. OP

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    south of tulsa.
  9. OP

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    this is true... i know what ibwanna see or hear. i guess my hangups is how far can i go? in my mind.... its simple... if i say a number that id like my supplier to match or come under... id tell him.... if he can, great... if not, ok why not... so in my mind uts simple... but not everyone thinks this im bidding against just a couple people... and ive been told my chances of getting this is very good.... we do have a couple inside connections that have put a good word in already.... as anyone.. i want to get as much out of this as i can yet still make it beneficial to them... i got my number where i do not want to fall below.....
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    If he will share numbers with you, it is in hopes of getting a lower price. He will also share them with your competitors.

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