Help, mower gets stuck in wet lawns! need new tires

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ramairfreak98ss, May 30, 2010.

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    our 08 Ferris 3100z weighs roughly 1750lbs with an operator and 12 gallons of fuel... not a heavy operator either.

    The factory tires are a semi aggressive "turf tire" from Carlisle in a 24-12-12 size, which apparently is the 2nd largest only to 26" tires. I think a 26" tire would clear the deck and fit, but offers no better traction or floatation capabilities than what is on there now.

    The 72" deck has a stripe kit "flap" that hangs down, so it only takes a split second to realize the lawn is allowing the machine to sink down 1-2" and then before you can react, your already stuck.

    We mainly do larger lawns with this and don't turn a whole ton, so i more concerned with traction not how fast we can turn without ripping grass... the machine is heavy, any tire is going to tear.

    we have HD field trax "atv" tires on our simplicity tractor and it takes a lot to get them stuck with enough weight on back... but we dont have much play room, as soon as this machine sinks down a couple inches, you can only raise the deck up fully and still only have 3-4" before the kit is touching some ground when you start to sink in.

    I searched online, and there are NO tires wider than 12"? there is no such thing as 24x12x14s? or 16s?
    Im sure i can get a 2" wider tire on these wheels even if spacers are required...

    I'd swap the whole wheel and tire if i need to. We have 4" play room on either side width wise because of the 72" deck.

    Are dixie chopper bar tread tires any better in this situation? Im tired of the guys sinking this machine twice a week on thursdays and fridays even days after it rained...
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    I've heard about some people making their ZTR's into "duallys" by putting another rear tire on, how I do not know. If I have a lawn that's too wet to carry my DC, then I don't mow that day.

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