HELP! Mower leaking gas from carb, streak in lawn!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Kkane97, Jul 10, 2012.

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    I just got back from mowing my 3rd account for the day, when I noticed in the road behind me a line of drops , so i immediatly stopped walking and checked out my mower, from the bolt underneath the float bowl (i know it has a name i cant remember it) So I grabbed a wrench from the bag and slowly started to tighten the bolt, the second I get it tight enough to almost stop the leak, it strips out or something and the whole bowl falls off the carb and I have to start again does this make ANY sense to anybody?

    My mower is a troybilt 34087 the owner before me spraypainted the engine and the engine model # is unreadable, but it is a 8.5hp b/s Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    If it was leaking on a lawn, how should I remove the gas from it besides spraying the whole lawn with a hose to dillute it, I ran back to their houses and did my best.
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    A few drips of gas here and there aren't going to do any serious damage. Watering down likely won't accomplishing anything, after the fact.

    Are you referring to a push mower or a rider? Do you have the model numbers from the product label on the unit. TroyBilt is an MTD product and the model number is normally longer than 5 digits.

    The bowl nut is brass and the carb body is cast aluminum so you could have stripped the thread in either--you'll have to remove, disassemble and inspect to determine. The bowl nut can be replaced if damaged. If the threads in the carb body are stripped you will likely need a new carb.
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    I know that 34087 is my mowers model # I order parts using it and have manuals that say so :)

    The bolt isnt stripped at all that was the first thing I looked at, I think the threads inside the carb and stripped because after seeing why the bolt wont thread I realized that it just slides up and down in the hole.

    My mower is PRE Mtd because in 2001 MTD bought out garden way, which includes Troy Bilt. Thanks for the help Ill wait till later and see if my dad agrees the threads are stripped Yay get to spend more moneyy!!!!!
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    Sorry I didnt asnwer all of your questions I am referring to my main mower 33" troy bilt.34087 is the product number on the side of the machine thanks for reassuring me about the leak on the lawns I was worried everyone would have a streak of dead grass everywhere.

    I didnt mean my post ^^^ to be snippy I just sheard the heads off the cylinder head bolts I have been fixing up
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