Help my Grass is dieing!!!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by shaker31280, Jun 28, 2013.

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    I agree that you are watering too much. An inch to maybe an 1.5 inches per week is sufficient. I do question the comment that you should water only once per week. The water needs time to absorb into the soil and I would think that applying that much water at once would create pooling and draining issues, but would like to hear the reasoning for once a week.
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    Thanks. So far what I have done was buy Scotts Lawn Fungus control and put down at recommened rate. I have changed my watering from every day to twice a week. I will also go from mowing at 3.5 inches to 2.5 inches (1 To help dry out the soil, 2 because thats what I did last year and didnt have this problem.)

    Unfortunately I live in NJ and we are getting hit with rain and high humidity all this week so I dont think its going to help me.

    I just hope the grass is not dead and just the blades are and that it will come back.
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    A couple things....

    Red thread was running rampant in my area (not that far away) this Spring.

    We have had a RECORD BREAKING June for rainfall. Irrigation of any kind so far this year was totally unnecessary!

    I only see two applications of actual fertilizer.

    I don't know what rate you applied.

    My well cared for lawns were infested with red thread until my latest application 2 weeks ago. The nitrogen and natural rainfall grew it out.

    How old is the lawn?

    What is the grass type?

    Jackson is a sandy soil, is it? Or was there topsoil brought in for your lawn?

    With the amount of rain we had, your probably flush through both Nitrogen applications, as well as your crabgrass preventer.
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    Lawn doctor said red thread to but I don't see any red threads like in the pics on the net. I just don't know what to do because if I fertilize then if its brown patch I am just making it worse. There was topsoil brought in and lawn is going on year three where first two years I established it.
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    Are you sure brown spots aren't poa?

    Last year, poa took over a LOT of lawns, and up until we hit the 90's, it was it's all brown!

    Red thread takes on a variety of "looks" as well. My cases WERE red though a few weeks ago! They are slowly growing out.

    These temps and overnight temps/humidity are a disaster for fungus of all types.
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    What's poa
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    Poa Annua is annual blue grass that usually browns in the hot summer sun. Red thread has been real bad here in Central Jersey with the epic rain fall in June plus high humidity. I started seeing it around the last week of May with a couple patches here and there. It seemed to have spread alot after the first big rain event during the first week in June. I put down T-Storm from Lesco and that stopped the spreading in a few days. Good luck.
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    Why would you continue to have the irrigation going when the ground has yet to dry??? Shut it off completely until it is needed again... then do twice per week...
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    Pythium root rot.

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