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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wmshay6, Apr 30, 2011.

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    I have a SCAG Tiger Cub w/48" Velocity cuter deck.

    From day one it has never striped very well. Love the mower, just wish it striped better. This season I raised the adjustable baffle all the way up. It helps a little, but I still don't get those contrasting stripes I am looking for.

    Are there any things I can do to get it to stripe better or am I destined to buy SCAG's overpriced striping kit? I have see the larger turf tigers stripe very well, but my deck doesn't compare.

    I'm cutting Fescue at about 3.5 inches.
  2. RSK Property Maintenance

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    I have a tiger cub with the 48" velocity deck as well and i think it strips just fine, depends on the lawn. try cutting at 3.75 see if that helps you.



    I don't think those looks too bad, my customers say the lawn looks great, they seem happy with the job. although I would like a to upgrade to wildcat with 61" deck but, I really don't need to spend the extra 4000.

    the first picture was from today, and was 3.75" and the second picture was from last fall and I cut that lawn at 3.25 for a last cut, and I could see the stripes until feb or march, and I alternate my cutting pattern every cut, up-down, left-right, diagonal-left and right and even vary the angle of the diagonal, usually a 45* angle but sometimes I cut alot less of an angle, sometime alot more the 45*.
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  4. RSK Property Maintenance

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    I think the diagonals I cut today in the first picture look just as good with no striper kit.
  5. wahlturfcare

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    put a level on your deck front front to back on each side. It should be a 1/3 lower in the back than the front and level across the front.

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