Help, need your input on skids I'm looking at

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by IHI, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. IHI

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    I'm at a point that I need to buy a skid, have been renting recently cuz of the snow and it's really starting to eat into the profits. I also rented this past landscape seasong and I will also use it during warm times for landscaping, etc... Right now, here are the two I've kind of narrowed it down too. 1) 2000-Cat 228 - 1500 hours/no cab or heat roughly 12000.00 or 2) 2004-Bobcat s175 with 450 hours with cab/heat but no door/needs tires for about 18000.00. I really wanted to stay under, but I'm kind of hooked on the cab/heat when doing snow.
    1) Is it worth the extra 6k for the heat with no door?
    2) Is it worth the extra 6k for the lower hours?
    3) Or do I go brand new to get the monthly payments where I need them to be and hope my skid business just grows like crazy?
    What would you do?
  2. ksss

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    Based on your location and although I don't know it exactly I would try and get as much hp as you can. The S175 is anemic at sea level and really struggles with a rise in elevation. I know of several machines here that were bought back or heavily discounted to get the customers into the S185 machine. Whether or not to buy new really is anything anyone out here can answer. If you can afford to that is great. If you cant don't put yourself in a position that you wake up one morning trying to suck start a .45:nono:

    I would try and get a little more machine if it were me. Something in the 2K ROC range 246/160-205-220/60XT/70XT/440 range. You can get these machines almost as narrow as the 1500 pound capacity machines, you get more power and capacity for near equal money.

    On the cab thing at least get heat with glass and a door. It should not cost 6K. Don't pull the trigger to quick find what you really want then buy.
  3. IHI

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    Thanks for the input. The only big pressure on buying is that I have snow contracts in place that will require a skid and here in Colorado, we've been getting hit with it often. The rental thing is getting old (chewing up the profits quick).

    I already demo'd the s175 and there were times that it hesitated and didn't seem quite right for the amoun of hours on it. They do have a s300 too, but that's in the mid 20 range.

  4. RockSet N' Grade

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    Lease with the option to buy? As for me, I would never get any kind of machine without cab heat/air.......but I'm just thin skinned and don't like to be cold. Don't know what your finances are, but look into a new machine and do the math and see where you are.....
  5. Scag48

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    IMO, it isn't fair to compare an S175/185 with a Cat 226, totally different machines.
  6. accurate machinery

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    Price wise, the Cat is the better buy, you said 228, is that a 226 with high flow or just a typo? The Bobcat door is not that expensive, I think I paid about 650 for a new door complete. I try to flip the deal around, if I purchase the machine and it doesn't work out so I have to sell it, which will get most of my money back? The wholesale value on the Cat is closer to the 12K range, the wholesale value on the S175 Bobcat needing tires and a door is closer to $14-15K range. I would try to find a S185 for the horsepower, since the Cat doesn't have vertical lift. The S175 only has 30 horsepower, the S185 and 226 are in the 50 hp. range. I noticed that Hertz has a pile of S185's and S175's for sale, might not have cabs but doesn't hurt to ask. Good luck!
  7. YellowDogSVC

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    I would look hard at new machine if you have contracts in place. The CAT machine is a fine machine but the Bobcat is a bit more refined. You will like the g series interior as it is comfortable but it is apples and oranges between hand controls and hand/foot.
    I would get more h.p., though, for what you do and go with a turbo machine like s185 or s205. Personally, I like the large frame loaders but did run about 300 hrs on a 773g right before they started calling them s185's. It is a s175 with vertical lift and 10 more hp and turbo. I thought it was tippy, though, compared to an 863 G and especially the s250's s300's. I like the extra weight but not every application needs a big loader. The newer s205's fill the void between small frame and large frame loaders to some extent though I haven't personally used on but the numbers look good. I would certainly think hard before dropping 18k on a used machine when the payment interest rates are so favorable on a new machine. CAT has some incentives, too, and the newer B series machines have a more comfortable cab than the a series. Also, if you are going to get heat and buy a $700 door, you may want to think about new and get an ac/heat package from the factory. Just my opinion.

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