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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by haynestotallawn, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. haynestotallawn

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    Guys, my little 22" pushmower (Briggs & Straton) broke down on me in the middle of a job today, I have no clue what's wrong just locked up leaving me with only my trimmer to finish the job. I am in my first year in business and this is something I really don't need. What is a good solid pushmower that's not going to take a lot of bucks but is sturdy and dependable? I'm not wanting to go cheap, I just want to stay small this first year and gradually grow into a business, I only need a small pushmower, but I do need a good one. Thanks for any help guys and God bless.
  2. Nelson

    Nelson LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have had good results w/my Toro personal pace....

    Hope this helps... Good Luck.....;)
  3. Dennis

    Dennis LawnSite Member
    from Ga.
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    I may catch heck for telling you this, but sears saved my life early in my carreer.
    Craftsman is not commercial equip. but I know from experience it WILL hold up well if you take care of it.
    Get a self-propelled for around $300.00, a weedeater when you need one $150.00 +-
    And any other hand tools you need get from them also, I broke 3 rake handles in 5 years and always got free replacements.
    When you get bigger get better equip
  4. haynestotallawn

    haynestotallawn LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Nelson, I'll check into it. Anybody else?
  5. haynestotallawn

    haynestotallawn LawnSite Member
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    Sorry about that Dennis, I was reading your post and another email at the same time, LOL! Sorry
  6. AK Lawn

    AK Lawn LawnSite Member
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    go get yourself a honda from the Depot, they are great mowers and will l;ast forever if you maintain it, you honda and you will not be disappointed
    AK Lawn
  7. WildWes

    WildWes LawnSite Member
    from Ohio
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    I too would recommend a Honda if your budget allows for it. I started a business with a 19" Honda in 1990, of course I graduated to bigger and better(?) mowers, but after years of use as a primary mower and secondly as a trim mower, it still runs and cuts like a champ.:)
  8. AielLandscaping

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    i'll second ak lawns vote for home depot hondas. the mowers they have are not the absolute best but they will replace a mower no matter what happens to it for free. i had one mower that i hit a cinder block with and bent the crankshaft and broke the blade in two... called home depot and told them what happened, they told me to bring it in and exchange it so i did... i've taken mowers back to them 3 times and never had a problem getting a new one...
  9. SLS

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    from Mars
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    Do yourself a favor and get one with at least 6 hp.

    I primarily mow with a Lazer Z but use a 22" to do steep ditches and "tight spots".

    My old 3.5 hp MTD finally bit the dirt and I needed a replacement pronto..but I could not justify spending $700 (or more) as I do not use it that much. So I ran into Lowes and grabbed a YardMachine w/ a 6 hp B&S on it for $214. It is not self-propelled but that was not necessary for what I use it for. It has been great and cuts stuff that would choke the 3.5 hp engine. It also starts on the first yank...every time...and runs real smooth too.

    If a 22" is all that you use for your business then listen to the guys who are recommending the Honda. Or at least buy the best machine that you can afford. But if you need a "quick fix" to tide you over until you can upgrade at least get one that has a 6 hp engine...and easily adjustable wheels.

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