Help needed in NE Indy mower/trimmer

Discussion in 'Employment' started by dc33, May 20, 2013.

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    Looking for someone that has experience with commercial ztr, stander, and walkbehind mowers, trimmers, and backpack blowers. Need someone that can work fast and still do a good job. Someone that can take the hot summer heat and show up ontime.
    I work 75+ hours a week, 7am to about dark. Looking for someone to work atleast 40 hours a week and more if they want to and can handle it. 12-14 hour days are the norm, so you would get 40 hour done in 3 days. Sometimes will have to work weekends depending on weather.
    Must be polite and professional when at clients properties.
    Must be able to pass a drug test.

    Pay will start off around $10 for the first week or two then go up based on how good you are, how fast you work, the quality of your work, and if you are reliable. The most efficienent you are the more I will pay you. i have no problem paying you at the top of the market or more, but you must earn it and be worth it. Past experience will garner higher starting pay and raises.

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