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    :help: Right guys I need some good advice. Recently I purchase a new house with a lawned area of just under 1 acre. The lawn seems to hold water really badly but that is not my main concern. To keep the grass neat and looking nice I bought myself a Countax mower with the sweeping collector system. This is a great mower and finishes the lawn beautifully. My problem is what to do with all the grass cuttings! Anyone got any good ideas? Anyone else have the same problem? Would I be better with a mulching deck and getting rid of the collection/roller system? The latter would be a shame as it really does finish the lawn with fantastic strips. Please someone give me some advice. I’ve a stinking mass of grass at the bottom of my garden!!

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    Does anyone have any idea how much a drainage system would be for this size garden. There is a dike at the bottom of it.


    I am from the UK so we tend to get some seriously wet weather.

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