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help needed with decision


LawnSite Member
Cottekill, NY
I am a newbie here and for the time being, only a residential mower. I have recently purchased a home with 4 acres to mow, mostly all sloped (but not dangerous). I have checked into the following local dealers and here is what they wanted for each machine.

Husky 23/61 Kaw - 6500
Husky 25/61 Koh - 6700
Exmark Lazer Z 20/52 - 6500
Exmark Ct 19/52 Kaw - 5800
DC Silver Eagle deluxe - 5800
JD 727 - 6750
Toro Z100 - 6000

I will look into the Hustler also in the near future. As for these machines which would you go with? I like the Husky as it offers the biggest motors and decks. What do you guys think?

Thank you!