HELP > Nerve Damage Symptoms from RedMax BCZ2460S String Trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by diyer999, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Valk

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    While my Honda 35cc is considered heavy by most at nearly 15lbs (trimmer head included), it is far smoother than any trimmer I've ever used. These will accept a blade...and coupled with a ton of low-end torque and overall power, I think you'd be impressed. The padded handles coupled with a cable drive help to absorb vibrations throughout the unit. Craftsmanship through and through. This is a true 4-stroke requiring no mixed fuel as it has a separate oil sump and will run on reg unleaded.
  2. Mickhippy

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    Im not doctor mate so Im only guessing. As far as I know carpel tunnel causes pain in the wrist as well and I dont remember reading that was part of your problem.
    Its my understanding that HAVS etc is pretty hard to diagnose where as CTS is diagnosed everyday. When I went to the doc he had no idea what it was.

    Wayne, can you tell me what brand of glove your using? Im always on the hunt for something better.
  3. WayneJessie

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    I will go to the shop in the A.M. and get the name off the gloves for you. I don't remember them being more than about $25 but that's been three years ago. You can spend upwards of $100 on a pair but these have stopped the numbness & tingling that I was having plus they did not break the bank. I will post as soon as I have a name of the gloves I use.
  4. sjessen

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    Have owned several 2460's and they all vibrated a good bit. Recently, have switched to 2460ts. These are much better trimmers. Much less vibration and no exhaust port problems.
  5. WayneJessie

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    What type of exhaust port issues?
  6. sjessen

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    Carbon/oil buildup causing the engine to bog down. The ts series run at higher rpm's reportedly eliminating this problem.
  7. johnhlt63

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    OK, I am actually an office guru, work a computer keyboard lots of time, and this is very well known to cause carpal tunnel. I get issues pushing keys and running a mouse. For mental and physical relief.. I like to mow my own lawn, and such. I got used a Shindaiwa T-18 for years and loved it. It got tired so I went to replace it to find Shindy quit that market segment.. Got a Stihl FS 90R on salesman's advise. The blasted thing vibrates like crazy- I hate it. I have been wanting to ask what doesn't vibrate that I can depend on.
  8. Mickhippy

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    Cheers for that! If you can get 3 years out of a glove, thats pretty amazing. Im lucky to get a season!
  9. diyer999

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    These kind of issues are all mixed up together simultaneously. Carpel Tunnel, aka, Repetitive Stress Injury, all kinds of adjectives and medical nouns for things that are known and overlap and are not 100% certain although the injury is certain and regardless of what it is, its nerve damage - period!!! My Brother is a doctor, I'm certain he knows what it is. At any rate, typing this **** is not helping, and typists get the CTS/RSI quite a bit too. The Carpel Nerve canal travels through the wrist . . . boring
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    I don't hear about people getting carpal by typing on these little keyboard. And why not? Because they know they have got to type regardless if it kills them:laugh: . Oh, by the way get units with flex cables.

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