HELP > Nerve Damage Symptoms from RedMax BCZ2460S String Trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by diyer999, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Send a letter to the company - they'll be so terrified of ending up paying your medical bills, I'm sure they will replace/refund. In the meantime, try holding it differently - sound like carpal tunnel (which is nothing to laugh about). Good luck!
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    Here in Canada they come in all sizes.. Hmmm... Weird.
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    Resurrecting this thread. I have had a rough week with this issue and am going to try those Stihl gloves, hope it gets me through the season. To the young guys, you might want to consider protecting your body from damage before it happens. In two short years my profession has caused carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis. I have found that the taping method works wonders for the plantar fasciitis. Has anyone tried stabilizing taping the wrist area and if so what were your results? Getting old is not for the wimpy!
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    My right wrist is taped up 24/7. It does help. If I take it off it will become sore in a day or 2 without even working. Its just 25mm non stretch tape wrapped around the joint about where a watch would sit. I could wear a watch on my right arm and you wouldnt see the tape.

    I have an update as well. I went to a neurologist a week or so ago to get a numb feeling in my leg checked out and he also checked my numb hand. Turns out the nerve in my left elbow isnt sitting in its channel properly. I have to sleep with my arm wrapped in a towel to keep it as straight as possible and wear an elastic brace to help keep it straight during the day. With luck it will sort itself but Im going to a Dr this week and may have to the get some anti inflammatories and perhaps even a shot of something into the elbow its self.
    It will take some time to mend and last resort is having surgery. He said its very similar to carpel tunnel in the wrist.
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    I had carpal tunnel surgery five years ago and have had no problems since. Get it in the fall and you'll be good as new in the spring.

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