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help! new 20hp kohler wont stay running

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hi new to the site but hope 2 help and get help! i just put in a new full/compleet 20hp kohler motor in a walker mower and it will not stay running! it runs 4 around 4 seconds then shuts down. i have done the folowing.

`made shur spark stays till it cuts out
`has fule pumping in to carb till it cuts out
`allso fule is in the carb bowel and flote moves freely

Please any help will be grate! thanks
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There should be a small solenoid on the carb input. Take a look at it to make sure its open. If not your shutting the gas off to the carb.

See if its always 4 min that it runs. If so, thats how long it takes to go thru the gas in the bowl.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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