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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by weedwackyrizzz, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. weedwackyrizzz

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    I have just moved here to Lancaster PA from LI New York and would like to start a landscapeing business. I would like to start off small and easy like 25-35 customers and just cut and maintain lawns. I would like to start of with all new equipment. First for this area what are the best machines to use, and how do I go about priceing lawns. Also where do I go to shop for these equipment? I have good experience in landscapeing since I ran a business years ago and been doing it on and off for some time now. I would like to know what some of you think of Lesco products and machines? Thank you all for your input and extra info that I could use.

  2. Tom c.

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    Hi I too amlooking to buy a Lesco w/b mower in the spring every thing Ive read about them is real good. Mainly because of the Kawasaki motor and peerless trans. Its only downside is the dealer does not work on them they refer you to a local repair facility. But you will save on the initial purchase like 500 or more depending on what size mower. Also the outside repair facility will honor the warranty. Good luck!!!
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    try the search feature for pricing and general stuff, you have to figure out your cost to operate, and how much profit you need, bid on jobs, make mistakes, and learn from them like most do ......
    different rates apply to different parts of the county, state, and even city.... all depends on where your at, and how many people there are allready cutting grass.....
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    Hi weedwackyrizzz,

    If you have the money to do that, great. But consider minimizing your initial investment into your company. Many people have spent big bucks to start and didn't find the return on their investment they wanted.

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