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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by firedawg, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. firedawg

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    I'm a Fireman by trade. I am going to start a lawn aeration business to work on my days off. My question is: my pricing will be as follows; $47.50 for up to 1000 sq. ft. including fertilizer. If they get the backyard done at the same time I will offer 50% off the back (again up to 1000 sq. ft.) for a total of 2000 sq. ft for $71.25 if they do both. I will charge $10 per additional 1000 sq ft. I'm located in Southern California. The yards are about 1000 to 2000 sq ft of actual lawn.
    I ordered a plugr 600. I also read "Turn Hard soil into cold cash". I know this subject gets beat up but I apprecitate your input


  2. Lombardi

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    Since I am in the Midwest that sounds extremely high. Here the average rate for aeration and fertilization is about $17.00 per 1000 sq. ft. Our yards are also much larger here. You may want to call around to lawn care companies who offer this service and ask them what they charge.
  3. 65hoss

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    Email me, I bet I can help you.
  4. Sean Adams

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    Everyone's prices will be different....

    I know of some that charge as little as $65 for a minimum for 3,000 sq ft or less, and then every 1,000 sq ft after that is only $7 or less.
  5. PR Fect

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    65 bucks minimum sounds right. We won't drive to a site with an aerator for less than that. But I'm with Lambadi, that will do a 10,000 sq ft turf area. If you only have 1000 or so sq ft, try high heels when you mow!
  6. Knights_Services

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    Aieration is quick and easy money.... just like dethatching. Aieration for a standard lawn (1/3 - 1/2 acre), I charge a good $60. If you can line up 6-7 jobs in a day, thats $350-$450 for the day.

    If you already have a clientel base (mowing), you can easly send out letters to your customers suggesting Aieration and giving a little info on the pros of Aieration. Even if you only get 5%-10% of them responding, thats a quick $$GRAND$$ or more you can make (if you have a descent number of clients).
  7. johngreen

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    aeration is an easy way to make money fast. When iwas working for another company we did 25 or 30 yards a day four 3 or 4 weeks. one day i went to a yard did the aeration and the guy next door walked up to me and asked if i could do his yard. i did and then the guy across the street walked over and asked about his yard. I ended up doing 11 yards in 3.5 hours and only moved my truck 3 times. It is an easy service to sell because most people dont have an aerator.
  8. topsites

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    I dunno, I'm in virginia and here we aerate starting at 50 thou 45 is not unheard of - That's for 1/4 acre or 10k square feet (10k, not 1k). A whole acre should go for between 100-120, with the rest in between. Well it only takes 2 hours to do a whole acre, provided you work non-stop. I don't like it because it should cost more, but try telling that to the customers. In the end, it's hard work but for 50-60 / hour I don't mind it too much (thou 80 / hour would be more like it, considering).

    You might consider getting a split-axle drive before you think much beyond 3-4 yards a day. No offense, but a straight-drive walk-behind aerator will work you, and I mean it... I can do 3-4 yards / day with my straight drive, but after the 4th or 5th one, I've had it. Far as pull-behinds, the walk-behind pulls better plugs all day long.
  9. br549oicu8

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    The above post is way too cheap!!
    I like to think that a customer is getting a decent deal if the cost is a little higher than if he rented a machine himself. Some rental companies have time minimums whch can be higher than $45. Why cheat yourself??
    We use a multiplier....(whatever you decide) times the normal mowing price. If you have a difficult lawn to mow then it will be tough to aerate. Not all 1000 square foot areas can or should be treated alike!!
    Imagine it being on a 25 degree slope!!
    Mnay things to consider but for the work involved don't cheat yourself or the industry out of what it is worth...
    Just my 2 cents...............
  10. chriscraft

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    Our avg homes are 80X120 lots anf have appr 5,000 sq feet os grass. We charge 45.00 on average for 5,000 sq feet. We would like to charge more but cant. We have non legits renting the macjine for a day and doing them for 35.00. We have sevreal ad ons also we do at the same time, after we aerate we apply 200 lbs of gypsum t0 about 50% of the homes 40 lbs per 1,000. we overseed,with 3 lbs of seed per 1,000,we topdress with 1 yars of organic compost per 1,000 sq feet. The aeration takes 8-10 minutes ( we use 42" tow behinds) the gypsum takes 5 minutes per 250#, so it is a good money maker. we also go back in the fall and do it all over again . we have customers still form 10 years ago. We also supply our customers with custom made flags (check Blackburn Flaqgs on internet) ours have company name services phone number, and are corrugated pastic, (we order 5,000 at a time, wrap them 25 to a bundle) and give a bundle to each customer , they mark thier sprinkler heads with them, then they call say they are ready and we aerate and leave it works out very well

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