HELP!!! Nitrogen Burn!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by golfatsage, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. golfatsage

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    I spread fertilizer two - three weeks ago. Like an idiot I spread too much and didnt walk it off good. I now have stripes everywhere I spread the fertilizer, I am guessing it is from too much nitrogen. I am about to spread lime in hopes that it will help, the grass is not dead but is def. burnt. I am just going to continue to water twice a week in fear of creating a disease by watering more often...or is that what your supposed to do? What can I do about this????

    It is a new yard, sod was laid back in October. I need help bad!!!!
  2. cgaengineer

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    Can you post some pictures? You might look into hiring one of the fellows on this forum to do your chemical applications from now on as well. Just a suggestion.
  3. fl-landscapes

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    If you do have nitrogen burn from over application of fert. theres not much you can do to get it out or reverse it. If you used slow release granular and watered it in afterwards you would be ok unless you really laid it on heavy.Remember 1/2 pound nitrogen per M or 1 pound slow release per M. Thats all you need NO MORE per app. If it's burned maybe top dress with some good compost and Gypsum.....And post a pic so we can see.
  4. FYS777

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    well , don't use a drop spreader, use a broadcast spreader, and water, water, water, to rinse it out. if it dosen't come back you have to dig out and re seed or replace. sorry
  5. hmartin

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    Throw the drop spreader in the dumpster.
  6. integrityman

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    Im not sure what to say other than you may want to reseed or resod the area for your customer....

    When I was a kid - about 12- I decided to help my dad and fertilize the grass w/ the old Scott's drop spreader.... I went about 6-7 passes and figured out the application release setting was wide open. Within a few hours, the lawn in those areas was brown. I watered like mad.... It didnt do much good. :cry:

    A couple of mpnths later the grass sarted coming back in.... For a long time the grass in those areas grew darker and thicker than any other in the yard!

    Dad pitched the drop spreader!
  7. RigglePLC

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    Nothing you can do. Reseed whatever does not come back. (Or resod).
    Experience is the best teacher. But ain't she a beach!
  8. Sammy

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    Don't need a pic. I see this every spring on some of the jobs the Newbies do.
  9. Whitey4

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    For the home owner, drop spreaders are fine.... just take the recommended spreader setting, (if it's 6, set it at 3) and checkerboard the lawn in two passes. No stripes, even distribution.

    I've seen people make stripes with rotary spreaders too. A dirty rotary spreader can stripe pretty badly.
  10. kirk1701

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    Just wondering what you mean by "Dirty" rotary spreader? I have a scotts 2000 rotary its gotta be 10 years old hell maybe older as it was my dads. Anyhow, I still use it and works fine for me with everything but lime, with lime I have to give the hopper a good kick before I get ready to stop because the release will stick open dumping all the lime in one spot :confused:

    Also, I make sure to overlap with the rotary I find that overlapping is better then underlapping :cool2:

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