help... no data plate on tralier, can't tell weight limit

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by bruno_rs, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. bruno_rs

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    hey guys, my friend has a 16 ft equipment trailer, i will be purchasing. there is no data plate on it (that we can see). he does not have a title for it (not a problem in jersey). it is well built and by a professional trailer manufacturer. there are holes (on the right frame rail) by the tongue and i'm thinking that could have been where the id plate was. the tongue had been replaced, just prior to my friend buying it (5 years ago) and since he was only trailering lawn equipment, it was not a concern for him. the weight stamped on the replacement (tongue) states 5000lb max 300lb tongue. this trailer looks heavier than 5000lb... is there a sure shot way and/or rule of thumb to determine axle weight limits? moreover, are there #'s stamped on the axles, or can you look at the thickness/width of the springs and/or number of leafs on the spring to determine (approximate) weight? i was told by another friend "most" trailers over 14 ft have at least 3500lb axles (each) on them. sorry i don't have any pics... if need be, i can get some. thanks, looking forward to hearing from you all. have a good one.
  2. olde_blue

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    My 6x12 single axle trailer was homemade. When I updated the axle to electric brakes, I found a tag with a model number and axle weight rating on the Dexter axle (3500 lbs, not counting the unsprung weight). This will not guarantee that the rest of the trailer can handle as much weight as the axle, however. . .
  3. bruno_rs

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    hey old blue, thanks for your reply... i thought something might be stampted on the axle. i really appreciate your help. have a good one. good luck this season.
  4. GravelyNut

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    Check the brake sizes. 2500Lb normally have 7". 3500lb have 10". 5000lb and up have have 12" as a general rule. You are limited by the hitch now which allows only a 5000 GVWR for the trailer.

    There should also be numbers on the axle showing weight and MFG somewhere.
  5. vadeere

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    # of lugs is the easiest
  6. GravelyNut

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    5 lug = 1000 to 3600 lb
    6 lug = 3500 and up.
    So how is that easier? :)
  7. bruno_rs

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    hey gravelynut, thanks for the info. if i find the weight is higher than 5000, i'll be changing out the tongue to the correct weight. thanks again for the brake info... i'll be saving that for future use. have a good one.

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