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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawnworks, May 7, 2001.

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    I need to give a bid on a soccer field complex. I think it would take about 13 hrs for all of it one week and about 8-9 hours for the fields another week, BUT I am using their John Deere reel mower, their John Deer bush hog, and their Stihl FS120. It is a lot of responsibilty considering the fields may need to be cut twice a week. I could train some employees to do it, but it still alot to worry about. Also I don't like usnig their equipment. That reel mower is a delicate piece of machinery. I am used to my chopper that is built like a tank. What would yall charge per man hour? I was thinking about $25 an hour? Does this sound right? Remember there is no expense. What would yall do?

  2. If thay have irrigation and it will be steady income I say go for it!!!
  3. Fantasy Lawns

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    $25 n hour with no overhead cost .....sign me up ;->
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    Check to see what libilities are involved. And if it straight and 25.00 clear GO FOR IT...
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    I would take $20 for no expenses......take you regular price and subtract out what you would pay for running your equipment. there's your price
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    Spell out who is in charge of maintaining and repairing the equipment. Also, who is to pay for damage, parts...

    I did some commercial work years ago, using a large tractor that the Co. owned. All was fine until the machine started burning oil, and eventually used as much oil as gas. It was down for 4 weeks, and I had to cut a very large piece of property with a 36" WB.
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    Their equipment ...
    Their covering operating expenses ...
    I would think that $25 an hour should more than cover your insurance policy and still let you bring home the bacon.

    Thats whats I's do :)

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