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Help on a Bid

Please help, New to this Forum. I need help on a bid for 30 acres for a school district in S.W. Indiana. Mowing and Triming. Baseball Diamond and Fencing around Some areas. I know by reading some forums cost of labor seems to be around one dollar per minute. Need to know what kind of time frame it will take to mow this property. Ztr John Deere 454. John Deere Utility Tractor with 6 foot finish mower. Thank you for any replies.


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I mow 5 schools in MN. 30 acres, is that the whole school area? Or the area of turf? I've got one that size, with a 60" Ferris and a 12' Bush Hog Tri-Deck we can mow it, trim it in about 3-4 hours, depending on if I have to double cut one ballfield that's primarily lowland.

I have mine on a set bid for the year, whether it's dry or not I get paid.

The 3-4 hours is me running the Ferris and then trimming the fencing, which is about an hour to hour and a half, depending on where I run out of gas / trimmer line, which, like usual, is the farthest possible point from the truck.

With the 6' finish mower, I'd say you're probably looking about 5 hours.