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    Is there any kind of formula to use to get sq. footage of a baseball diamond.

    I am looking at a new account which involves treating 8 diamonds that are fenced in and 4 small fields for tball. The t ball should be fine because all 4 are just in one square area.

    For example on one field. Left field wall is 247, center is 300 and right is 279.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    There's a sports field thread on here down lower. I treat some baseball fields the smaller ones like t Ball and and high school are 3/4 acre and the big one is that the collage plays on are 2.25 acres. If they are a pie shape make a circle out of them do the pie square thing and divide by 4.

    Charles cue
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    Pi X Radius Squared.

    In other words if it is 300 feet from home plate to the center field home run
    fence that would be 300 x 300 x 3.14 then divide by 4 = 70,650 sq ft or 1.62 acres.

    But don't forget warning tracks, base paths etc you need to subtract for that and obviously any areas outside the diamond which you need to add.
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    U can measure them in just minutes.

    Works great, very accurate and NO WALKING :).

    Contact them and they may give you a couple free tries.

    Once you use it you will love it.

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