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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mike (MLC), Apr 23, 2003.

  1. Mike (MLC)

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    I went out to look at a business today. I had to drive around it because it was so big. This company has a lawn service right now, but the contract is almost up. That lawn crew has 3 people working on this place. This place has 16 acres with several large warehouses on it. There is quite a bit of straight mowing, and also trimming. There is hardly any shrub trimming around there. I have never bid on anything quite so big. I am not sure what I should charge. There would be me and my helper doing this job. I don't want to bid too high and then they laugh me out the door, but then I don't want to bid too low and screw myself. Any input from anyone would be helpful. ;)
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    well..........How many people are you going to have on the property? How long do you think it will take you? What kind of mowers are you using? My advice is don't take on anything you can't handle, but if you can handle it don't charge any less then a dollar a minute.
  3. Mike (MLC)

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    Well as I stated above, it will be 2 of us doing the job. I have a 52" Exmark Lazer Hp and a Huskqvarna 42" riding mower. I have 3 Stihl trimmer's and 2- 21" walk behinds. I'm not sure how long it will take me to do the job. Maybe 12 hours I guess. I use to mow a very large apartment complex and it took me around 5 hours to do that with 2 people. I am sure I could handle the job because I have the time to do it. Just not sure on the bidding.
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    We mow a 15 acre property but it has two ponds so it about 13 acres of turf marginal trimming because it is common ground for a home owners association. We get $450 a cut for 28 times for the year. Hope this helps. We mow it with two 60" Dixie Flatlanders, and a 52" Exmark WB. Three guys all mowing at the same time takes us about 4 hours.
  5. I wouldn't take their word on the size of the turf area. I'd measure it for myself.
    I mow one place where the building is 5 acres. Something like that can really affect the actual lawn size.

    It kind of sounds like you have too nice of equipment for that kind of job. (low bid) But maybe they'll pay for the extra quality.

    A guy here mows a 13 acre factory with a 60" ZTR and it looks great. He stripes the whole thing. He mows it by himself in one day.

    Good luck with it.

  6. Green Pastures

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    $2500 a month get's it mowed, trimmed and blown weekly IF they give me a contract.

    If not $650 per cut cash due the day I cut. More like $700 per cut especially if they won't get it cut every week.

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