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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by dsaldivar, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. dsaldivar

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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks in advance for any opinions and assistance you may give.
    First let me comment that I have a license to apply chemicals.

    I have a commercial prospect that is wanting a bid on fertilizing.
    The details of this property are as follows:

    Approximately - 3.5 acres of grass area.
    Most grass areas are on slopes and hills.

    Up until now I haven't done fertilizer apps for a customer this large and currently only use lesco rotary spreaders.

    Here are the two things I need your opinions on.

    1 Price per app to bid
    2 Does it make sense to apply the fertilizer apps using a rotary spreader or would you invest in a more productive way of applying the apps i.e. spray or ride on fertilizer spreader?

    Thanks again in advance for any suggestions, comments or advice you may give.

  2. James Cormier

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    one property of 120k you can do with a hand spreader and maybe a drop in sprayer for weeds ( if you dont have a tank ) I wouldnt buy a ride on just for that site.

    Price per app is a little tough to answer cause we dont know what your applying, for instance a price for just fert would be much lower that a price for merit grub control.

    My commerical pricing is $30.00 per K for a 5 step program, example would be 120,000 lawn x's$30.00 = $3600.00 then divide by 5 to get app price =$720.00 per app grub control is extra ( $9.00 per K ) and lime is $5.00 per k
  3. muddstopper

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    I might suggest that you get a tow behind spreader instead of the push ones if you dont already have one. I use a drop spreader instead of the broadcasting kind. It will hold about 350 lbs of lime,( pulverised) or about 250lbs of fert. I can put out a ton of lime an hour with it. Fert goes quicker. I use the drop spreader because pulverised lime is cheaper than pellitized and it can be calibrated for the granular materials such as weed and feeds. And I dont have to worry about drift like I would with a broadcaster. On acerage, I usually just double the price of materials for application, but it doest take me long to apply them either.

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