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Help on bidding!


LawnSite Member
Wolcottville IN
Hello everyone. I have been in the mowing business for five years now. But I have a new job I don't know quite how to bid it. The property has six 8 unit appartement buildings plus one small office on six acres in NE Indiana. The lawn I have no problem bidding. But they also want bids for edging all the sidewalks, trimming bushes, fert. and insectcide, and sweeping.

I haven't had much demand for edging as of yet so I don't have an edger. I know they are high for no more than you get though. I would like to know what a good hourly rate for edging side walks and curb are, and how many feet a guy can do in a hour. Next the bushes. I have done that in the past and normally charge $2-5 per bush depending how big and thick it is. The fert. and incect. is no big deal either, but what about sweeping (sidewalks). I don't have a sweeper yet, but have a JD 455 and an JD F935 so I can use one easily. What would you guys suggest on that. Thanks for any help you guys can give me. Thanks allot Joe!