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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn Works 1, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Lawn Works 1

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    I am a little short on work since this is my first year on my own so I went to a local relator and told him if he had and houses for sale that needed to be mowed I'd be glad to do it since I needed the work. He called me a couple days ago and gave me 3 yards, he only wants me to cut each twice, and the bad part, the closest one is a 20 minute drive.
    How would you go about this??
    1) Would you drive to each one and charge for gas and drive time and the yard. If so ho much for drive time?

    2) Would you sub them out to a LCO in that area and collect a small %, or collect none and just be glad you didnt have to drive that far and waste the time???

    Any input is appreciated
  2. LocalTouch

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    If you need the work, and you would not be losing money driving to it, than take them! Always keep in mind, he may call in the future too!
  3. Navig8r

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    I go alot of places that are 20 minute drives... try to get a price on the job that helps cover that, but if you don't have any other work that it'll be keeping you from..... do it.
    DO NOT tell the realtor that the price includes an adjustment for drive time..... It's not his/her problem where you drive from...... also, they will then expect a deal when they get work for you that's closer......

    Go do it, and make it look Goooddd, maybe it'll lead to more, maybe the new homeowners will hire you (get the address and when the home sells, mail a flyer)
  4. tiedeman

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    Very not include a drive time in the price. This is what I do since I do work for a couple realtors in the area...if they only want it mowed every 2 weeks then charge a little mow....but if they want it done every other week charge a little bit less since you will be there more often. But once you get in good with a realtor you will have endless work.
    If the drive is though 30 miles of more away I wouldn't even bother with them. 25 mins there, 25 mins back. Just about an hours worth of wasted time that could have been made somewhere else.
  5. Lawn Works 1

    Lawn Works 1 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the input guys. I still haven't decided what to do yet since I kinda do need the work, they are my next door neighbors, and they are one of the biggest reality companies i town so I could get a lot of work from them. But I think if i politely explain that I just cant do it they will understand and still offer me work in the future. Its a tough one.
  6. HOMER

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    This..............I don't understand.

    You need the work by your own admission.

    You asked them for work and they gave it to you.........great.

    Now that one of the houses is 20 minutes away your thinking about re-nigging on the deal?????????

    Do you think they'll give you any more work after this?

    What is have a mileage limit!

    What's 20 minutes?

    I have a deal with a company to maintain vacant houses too, some of them are an hour away, but for an average of $4000.00 a month for this account I'm happy to do it.

    This morning I'm leaving to work on one of these houses. Might take an hour to get there and an hour to get back but when I'm done I'll invoice them for over $700.00 on top of the $1487.50 I've invoiced them already this week.

    I could have said no to this deal too because it involved some driving.......and can get a little old, but when someone offers to help you out as in your case and you then turn around and say "No thank's, I've decided I don't need your money now."..........I wouldn't look for them to be too neighborly afterward.

    20 minutes:dizzy: give me a break!
  7. HOMER

    HOMER LawnSite Gold Member
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    I need to apologize to Lawn Works 1 for the above response.

    I thought he was a full timer and it turns out he has a pretty hectic schedule already...........knowing the facts....even after the fact........helped me to understand his dilema.

    Sorry dude..........:rolleyes:
  8. Ground Effects NH

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    I also started with a Realtor 1 on this side of town
    2 on the other side of town, then the homes were
    bought. New home owners liked my work kept me
    on told neighbor then another neighbor now 3 on
    this street 2 around corner I believe In quality work,
    word of mouth, the work will come.

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