Help On Convincing The Parents!?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Kennedy Landscaping, Dec 26, 2008.

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    I think a lot of people have broughten up some great points.

    I think another point to bring up is...well first I would like to ask a question or two.

    If you buy for example the trailer from your neighbor, are you going to completely drain your savings account?

    2. Do you have the room to keep the bigger trailer at your shop or home? Can you keep both trailers on sight?

    3. What is realistically the max number of clients you can do with your 5x10?

    Obviously you want to maximize all profits but buying new equipment is an important thing, doing your homework is the most important part.

    Your parents may not be fully against you getting the bigger trailer but they want you to do your homework and learn to neogiate.

    Ex. Are the brakes electric? What is it going to cost to set up the electric brakes set up in your truck?
    What are the cost of tires and what is the condition of the tires on the used trailer? How are the bearings, and what it would it cost to get them regreased.

    How much can you do this work or with your folks.?

    Go to the yards shop around, look around.

    I know others have said it but I would go to them like I would go to the bank asking for a loan, I know it is your money but go with me.

    You need a very detailed and well organized plan, print it up put it in a nice three folder with a cover and all. You own this business make it professional. Sit down with them and show them, everything what it will cost to up keep how much you have saved up how much a brand new one is etc.

    Showing you parents you are this mature, can prove to them you are ready for this new piece of equipment.

    Its all about research, you need to build a professional built proof argument so when you sit them down they dont have an argument back.

    One last word of advice, I would pack in as many clients as you can before you buy a trailer. Granted I would have the money ready and a place for that trailer so when you get a new client or two or three you can go get that new trailer and get it working immediatly.

    The other thing you need to look at it is the yards you work in, will the 16' be too long???

    Best of Luck.

    I hope this helps.

    If you need any help any where please ask.
  2. Kennedy Landscaping

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    What would be your pros and cons on a bigger trailer? Just to give me some ideas of what to mention. If I told them the safety stuff, which I think is a good idea they would probably just laugh. Although it is a very good point. Just seems like they are against everything.
  3. Kennedy Landscaping

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    To answer your questions, no it wouldn't drain my savings account, I was planning to save up during the summer as I only have one other purchase planned that will be in the spring. I have plenty of space to store it. And my 5x10 is really killing me on efficiency during the cleanup season. I have to spend 10 minutes unloading all the small stuff just to get to the mower because when the truck is full of leaves I have no where else to put things. With the accounts I have now I don't think 16ft will give me any problems. How would you suggest setting up and organizing that folder you speak of. I think you have really good ideas, but like I've mentioned it just feels like whatever I do they won't go for it. m Thanks alot for the help man
  4. Kennedy Landscaping

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    The trailer my neighbor has is in good shape. 16ft PJ car hauler with electric brakes and break away kit. Rear stabilizer jacks and a few other things. My plan would be to paint it flat black becuase the current paint isn't too good but that wouldn't be too much of a problem. Then I would use the stake pockets to stack say two 2x6's on top of one another and have them cut real nice to form around the fenderwells. They too would be painted flat black to blend in with the trailer. I would also probably do some work to the electrical system to accomodate my setup a little better, then add racks and such, all in time, not right off. The current tires are in good shape as far as I can tell. I would also probably pressure treat the floor which would be no big deal, did it to my 5x10. Thats pretty much all I remember about it off hand.
  5. KS_Grasscutter

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    Why not get equipment racks for the 5x10?
  6. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Well I somewhat plan to. But #1 I don't want them in the winter when I don't have the steady income paying them off. And plus I don't want to go mounting all that stuff only to take them off for a new trailer.
  7. hosejockey2002

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    I think we need to know a little more background about how you run your business. You're only 15, do you drive yourself around your route? I'm not sure of your state's licensing laws, but maybe your folks are concerned with an inexperienced driver driving a combo that is pushing 40 feet long. I am sure that their objections to the bigger trailer have some basis in logic, they aren't doing this to make you mad. As far as the cons to a bigger trailer, it will take more gas to move it and wear out your truck faster. It takes more room to park it, and will cost you more to maintain it. On the plus side, you have nearly twice the deck space and over twice the payload capacity.

    I do have to commend you for your effort in the first place. So many guys your age are lazy and afraid of any type of hard physical work. So many parents don't want their kids to do manual labor and think they have to go to college and sit behind a desk to be successful. College is fine but there are many things to be learned by getting your hands dirty and working hard. If your folks won't budge on this issue, just ride it out and soon you'll be 18 and you can run your business the way you see fit. I'm pretty sure that you'll make your parents proud. Good luck.
  8. CrystalCreek

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    Flat black is nice, but very dangerous at night. I have a flat black trailer. I ended up putting sides on it, which are bright red like my fords paint job. I also installed the DOT consipcuity tape(red and white stuff) all the way up and down the sides. I think with your truck,(very nice by the way) I would paint the trailer metal flat black and the wood sides Bright white. The DOT tape is federal law, so plan on that in your cost. Remember, your equipment will be on this trailer. Wouldnt want someone hitting it.
  9. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Yeah I drive to all my lawns and jobs by myself. Thing about the length though. i have pulled a 20ft trailer with 3.5 tons of topsoil on it and they didnt care at all. Makes me mad because when I ask their reasoning all they do is get mad and start bitching at me
  10. Kennedy Landscaping

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    That scheme may not look too bad. It would definetly have DOT tape on it. And be decked out with LED lights. Thanks for the comment on the truck. I like yours too.

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