Help On Convincing The Parents!?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Kennedy Landscaping, Dec 26, 2008.

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    My folks were like that a few years ago when my dad was working with me all the time.

    Now, this past year when I had my helper, they never really had a clue how many yards I had, where they were, or whatever. Heck, sometimes I wouldn't even see my parents in a day I was working so much.

    But I had a 5x10 as well, and I packed that thing. My 16' is a great asset to my productivity and I can throw anything on there.

    It has extra space right now, but once I get my ZTR, it will be packed full, even with the racks.

    Maybe have your folks give me a call, I can explain to them some of the advantages of it, and maybe help you out. It can't hurt.

    Make sure you get experience driving that thing before you start working. I was fortunate, I got to drive three hours on the highway with mine just to get it home. I still get nervous in heavy traffic, or narrow roads, because that thing is wide!

    Oh and Eric, I hear ya about the whole "parents not finding out" deal.

    I normally tell my dad, and he's always cool with it, because he knows I have a clue what I'm talking about, and can point out what I need.

    Its funny, when I bought my BillyGoat Vacum (great investment, btw!) I just bought it. I didn't tell him, and didn't have the intention of telling him.

    Well.... my helper did. I could have killed the guy, but I know he was just being the friendly old man he is:dancing:

    Dad wasn't pissed, he just asks that I tell him when I'm going to buy something from now on:laugh:


    BTW Austin, feel free to give me a buzz anytime
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    BTW, here was my 5x10 before I got my 7x16

    Lesco 48" WB (Sulky had to be de-attached for travel)
    Toro Pro-Line 21"
    Lesco 32" WB
    Trimmers/Edger on rack; Blowers, grass catchers, garbage cans, and traffic cones in back of the truck

    Truck-36 007.jpg
  3. DSLND

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    And the 7x16. Much better:hammerhead::cool2::laugh:

    Rig-Landscaping 003.jpg
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    buy it and keep it at your friends house
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    Fantastic idea!
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    Hey man sorry to hear about your tough situation. Just hang in there, the parents hopefully will come around!! Btw I think the trailer would be an excellent investment. You could probably haul a lot of different stuff because it has the heavier duty axles(smaller bobcats, dirt, loam, heavy stuff) as long as your truck could handle it! Good luck with the parent thing, I know how that game goes!!
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    There's always gonna be people who doubt you, but if you truly enjoy what your doing I think you can be succesful at anything. Don't let them bring you down. In the end it's your money and your business, so go for it if you really think you need it. It doesnt sound like your parents are about to change their mind anytime soon anyways.
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    No, I use my cell phone, and have gotten calls at dinner for business quite a bit, they just don't budge.
    I would love to have them call you, not sure if they would be willing though or not, I may suggest it to them one day. I'll call some time.
    Wow thats packed!
    Very close to what I want:D
    I know the truck could handle it:) Its a beast. I've pulled a 20footer fine with more wieght than my equip. I got faith.
    I'll prove em all wrong:)
  9. Junior M

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    My mom insists, that I dont need a 3/4 ton truck, or the trailer we've already got, nor all the tools I've bought, but I do anyways, I dont even tell her anymore, now the trailer, that was a different thing, she got involved in the conversations me and my dad had and it was a time before me and Dad finely got a trailer and it would've been hard for us to hide a 30ft equipment trailer. But

    Mom no longer even gets mad when I bring home something new cause she knows I'll just keep bringing home what I need, and now its to the point she wants to actually help me out, she helped me unload all the tools from the truck the other day. But I would definetly go with the whole making up a book thing to prove that you actually need a trailer, and you might throw in there that when you expand and get big enough you will have another trailer to start that crew off with. But if this was like about a trimmer or blower or even another mower, I would just go get it, but a trailer is pretty big thing to hide, and usually something you keep. But just remember like people have said before your parents are just trying to get you to do what they think is best for you, even if they dont know what exactly your doing or something like that.
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    Ok here's my suggestion for your trailer issue. Don't buy a 16' car hauler or regular flatbed. I'd wait and get a 16' - 20' enclosed trailer. I know what you're thinking....."where am I gonna put all the clippings and debris?" For now...the back of your truck. But let's face it, you're going to need a bigger truck pretty soon. So I would plan on that issue resolving itself in the near future with a truck that has a dump insert or a dump body specifically. If none of those options really suit you, then by all means, get the racks that will make your current setup more viable. Make sure you get the ExtremeRacks from are head and shoulders above the rest.

    Right now, one of our 6'x12' enclosed trailer is filled to the brim with shelving and racks just so that everything fits. Is it tight? Yes. But it works and is an efficient use of the space.

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