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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bryce_sk8_12236, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. bryce_sk8_12236

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    I am just getting bigger in the fertilizing/pesticides department. What skid sprayer should I get? Will a 60 gallon skid sprayer work? I'd like to spend under 2K for the sprayer. Also what weed control should I use with the sprayer (where to get it)? And lastly do you guys recommend granular applications or liquid fertilizing? THANKS!!!
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    Do yourself a favor, make a cup of good coffee,grab a comfortable chair and use the "search" function.

    These topics have been discussed on LS hundreds of times.

    Have fun
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    :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: good luck.......getting fined
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    I agree, soryy but your gonna get beat up when you put no work into research and ask us to hand everything to you, but i will throw you a little summary of what others have been told. 60 Gal sprayer is too small, get a 200 gal skid, buy a used one if you only want to spend 2k, then go to John Deere Landscapes (Lesco) and spend some time talking chemicals and ferts with them, you can go on to find the nearest dealer, and lastly listen to what sweetjetskier said, spend time on this site and you will get an a$$ load of info, once you got the basics, ask away. Good luck.
  5. jasontimm

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    o and i forgot, get yourself a license.
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    A 60 gallon skid will work if your lots are small and if you dont mind filling up at a customers home if needed. I use a 50 gallon, its small but a larger 200 gallon skid would have ended up costing me a lot more than the price of the skid...I would have needed a larger truck.

    As far a granular vs liquid for will be best starting out with granular especially if you will be using a small skid. I am calibrated at 1gal per 1000 with my 50 gallon and this is simply not enough carrier for liquid fert.

    As far as which weed control products to use....your extension agent should have a booklet which will have university testing on various chemicals and how well eat works on certain weeds. Not sure if you are licensed...I personally dont care if you are or not (its your azz on the line), but if you are not you may consider getting licensed because its a requirement for insurance in most states.

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