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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by GroundEffects125, Nov 4, 2009.

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    ADHD - more like. youre right - wrong reply for this post - $17 per linear foot is right on target for a drain one foot deep - whats your industry standard for a drain that actually gets deeper than one foot deep - still $17 per foot? if so - i sure got some sub-work for you!

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    Industry standard is the wrong phase, I should of wrote industry rate in my area. Once I go over 1 foot it is whole different ball game. It usually gets done at a time and materials rate. Labor rate would be $60.00 per man hour plus all equipment charges. I don't usually get into anything over 18" deep, besides a pit at the end of the drain.

    You are from TX and I am from SE Pa so soil conditions and prices per foot should be different in dept and length.
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    *trucewhiteflag*youre right about the soil issues for sure - i can go from one end of town and have sand/silt issues - and drive 15 minutes to the other end of town and have red clay that not only turns into bowling balls when dug out and dried up - but will also stain your clothes - takes a chisel to remove from your shovel once dried - and you cant plant a tree in the stuff without leaving the rootball halfway up and out of the stuff because the hole will NOT drain and the tree will simply drown.:dizzy:

    when i think of PA soil - i picture "the good stuff" - black and rich where anything grows....must be nice.:)


    and i moved my post to the correct thread - "french drain estimate":clapping:

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