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Help on Estimate....


LawnSite Bronze Member
Sedgwick, Maine
Sorry, but I couldn't really find a suitable place to post this. One of my customers had a tree fall down on his boathouse during a recent storm and he wants TWO quotes. One for the tree removal and one for demolishing the boathouse. NOW....the tree removal issue, I can handle fine - it's quoting the demolition of the boathouse where I need help. Sorry I do not have any pics yet, but the boat house is about 30'Long x 15'wide with only one story. Really no materials salvageable in the whole building. Thinking I might be better off renting a small loader and throwing it in my little dump truck. Don't know if anyone here has done somthing like this before or not..... ANY ideas or input would be EXCELLENT!! Thank you...


KTO Enterprises

LawnSite Bronze Member
Just keep in mind you have to dispose of it somewhere and around here landfill rates are $39 per ton. Sounds like you will have about 3 to 4 tons worth of haul away plus demo time and time hauling.


LawnSite Fanatic
also keep in mind, things like electric, plumbing, and such....

dont know if it had electricy but if so you will have to deal with that..

I have tore down buldings b4 and the worst part of it " for me " was loading it up.... Can you get your truck/trailer close to it, or do you have to walk it a ways to load. also will you be working in water ?

Just a few things I thought of.

Good luck

KTO Enterprises

LawnSite Bronze Member
If it does have plumbing check to see if it is copper. same if it has electricity save the wiring. Copper prices are way up at the recycling center right now. 2.00 per pound for clean copper.