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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Total Lawn Care, Apr 23, 2003.

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    Passed the Kansas Fertilizer/Pesticide applicator tests several weeks ago. Now to apply to the State for a business license I need to acquire liability insurance, etc. as each of you are well aware. I read in other posts where you are getting insurance in the neighborhood of $350-$500 for your pesticide/fertilizing business that includes $1 mill liability, etc. For those of you in Kansas, what company(ies) are you with? I'm having trouble finding any company with a policy for less that $750-$900! Can you help me out in Kansas?? Have been in the lawn care business for 10+ years (second job evenings/weekends), wanting to expand services.
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    I was in the same situation earlier this year. I'm in Kansas and and called about 15 agents, about 6 or 7 never got back with me after they said they would...3 said they couldn't help because I
    was a new business...the rest were around $800 to $900 /year.

    I'm have my policy thru an independent agent at $875 for 1 mil.
    I have a background in ag and this agent handles my families farm policy, otherwise they wouldn't have been able to provide me with insurance because of being a new company.

    I called Gery Amon, KS Dept. of Ag, at 785-296-5210. She is very helpful and can provide you a list of insurers.

    Good luck. You will probaly find out that most agents will a) not want to mess with it b) criticize you for not having previous
    business experience in pesticide applications c) give you a quote that does not cover pollution endorsment, even after you told them specifically to include it. I was totally amazed at the lack of professionalism with some of the agents I contacted.

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