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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by grassguy123, Jan 4, 2012.

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    A local grocery store asked me to bid on 15 locations. I need to price out aerating and over-seeding separately.

    The typical site has about 55,000sqft of turf.(so a total of like 825,000sqft) Alot of islands and whatnot.

    Aeration: We can probably aerate 15,000sqft per hour. So I priced aeration out at $3/1000sqft or $45/hr. (this is alot of work their giving us cant charge residential prices)

    Over-seeding: 825,000sqft applying 5lbs of seed per 1000sqft. I don't do much over-seeding so I don't know how many sq ft per hour i can do.

    What do you think about my aeration price?

    Can you help me figure out an overseed price?

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    You ARE KIDDING, right?

    May I suggest you talk them out of aeration and go with a superior multiple disease resistant grass seed at the maximum rate 7 to 9 pound per thousand--go with 9 lbs. More seed means even if some does not germinate--plenty will be left over to fill in. Let the seed do the work--at $2 per pound that is only 14 to 18 per thousand. Just make it up in volume. You can't charge a residential price for this job.

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    Your not going to do 15000 per hour with islands. I'm pretty sure a standard walk behind is rated at around 25k per hour (19"). There are also spread out. Do yourself a Favor and go look at each property separately and take notes and bid it as if you were not doing the others. No matter how many properties your going to be doing, you can only do one at a time, so estimate time and square footage for each location. Tally all those individual bid prices up and offer a small discount if you want to sweeten the bid a bit. Hope that helps. And for the record, I think the aeration price is very, very low, but I don't know your market their, that may be high for your area. Also, don't forget about starter fert
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