Help on leveling a large area.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by NateHodge, Apr 7, 2013.

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    I have a yard that is maybe 4-5 acres of field land that was recently turned into a homesite. Before the driveway was put in, we were driving across the ground for some time. Now we have some ruts that make mowing a pain in the back, literally. There are also a few ruts from the power and septic companies, some low spots that I'd like to level and smooth before I start working on seeding. I'm thinking a box blade and just riding around letting the dirt find the low spots. Is there a better way?

    Speaking of seeding, what would be a good grass for a large area such as this? I would like it to be thick, but slow growing. Right now, its covered in Bahia and I'm mowing twice a week at the peak months. I'd like to rid the yard of the Bahia completely, or at least stifle it. All help is appreciated.
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    It's hard to get rut's to go away completely without a tractor mounted tiller. If you have something to pull it with you can try a crosstie or a big piece of I-beam. That box blade will help but tractor's make rut's too.

    In Laurel MS you are deep in warm season grass country. Zoysia is slower growing but if you don't have irrigation it's about impossible to get germination. Bermuda might be your best choice. It's tough, it' grow's thick, it has a low water requirement but it's not slow growing from May to September, though it doesn't have seedhead's like bahia.
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    A good disk and harrow .
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    Box blade and dics will be your best bet. Loosen the soil with the disc and then level with a box blade. Once everything is level loosen the soil up and plant common Bermuda. Its better than bahia, I hate the forked seem stems.
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    Bermuda sounds like a good choice, then. The slower growth rate would be good, but the most important thing is to get rid of the Bahia. Besides it being bad on the allergies in general, I'm allergic to it. I can mow most grass and not have an allergy fit, but when I get in Bahia, I have to wear a mask and filter, then the seeds still get in my eyes and swell my eyes.
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    there is an attachment called a land leveler. then you can run a landscape rake around it to clean up the debris in the soil.

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