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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by TEXASECHO88, Jun 13, 2006.


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    For those of you who have questions on expanding your business here is a couple simple ideas... i like to walk around and go door to door introduce my self,ask them if they have a lawn service, then simply ask for their business. some times you have to be a little pushy if you can tell that they are kind of thinking about it simply say "would monday or tuesday be a good day?" (set a date without them saying one) most likely they will say yes. Another form of advertisement that is effective is to concentrate on areas where you already have accounts i have done this alot and right now i have 17 on one street. try placing a add in the newspaper or getting a sign put up some where on a busy location. I find that most of these methods work for me. I am only 17 years old but I mean hey, if i can do this im sure you can also do this.
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    some of my marketing tec,a are the as yours hope you keep building clients
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    The areas where the bulk of my crews operate are strickly enforced no soliciting areas.
    Would'nt work for my company. I'm in the local yellow pages, belong to the local chamber of commerce, and the local builder's association. I have work backed up for at least five weeks and I'm falling farther behind due to the heat.
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    I am sure that Humble is like spring, homeowners hate people coming door to door. I see it all the time, mostly hispanic maids will go down to each house on any given street and people get pissed off. I have never seen so many no soliciting signs on front doors. I even get people pissed off when I put my doorhangers out on thier properties.

    You need to go out and get some fliers or doorhangers and put out 3 or 4k and you will get a good number of calls. Dont get cheap fliers, there are enough lcos putting those out. Good luck, pm me if I can help.

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