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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KillaWhale, Dec 6, 2004.

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    I have a large clean up job to price and I am need at pricing this type of job. It weeding(beds are not that bad), lots of pruning bushes and trees(80% of job), tree removal and stump grinding(sub out), re-edging all of the beds, apply mulch, customer also wants non-toxic weed killer applied and some leaf removal. It will a helper and myself doing majority of the work. Approx. 800-900sq. ft. of beds and 50 to 60 bushes and small trees. I appreciate any input you guys can give me.
  2. KillaWhale

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    Meant to say "I am new at pricing...."
  3. YardPro

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    without more specific details it's hard to price.

    "alot " is not a good measure

    all weed killer is the weeds.

    roundup is non toxic to mammels...

    what we (and you ) need for pricing info is numbers like linear feet of bed, how many stumps, wht kind of wood and thier height and diameter.

    If you're starting out in business get the ALCA publication of vander kooi's labor time data handbook.

    it gives work meathods, and times for about every job you will come across..
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    I am not busting your chops here only trying to help you to avoid any problems. Since your profile says that you have 1 year experience and since you don't know how to price any of these jobs I would suspect that you either haven't done such before or if so have very little experience doing so, so based on that thought my first and main question would be are you LICENSED and INSURED to do this work in NC. To assist you to do this work you must have the below listed licenses.

    1) Landscaping (weeding, pruning, mulch)

    May have to have a State Issued Landscape Contractors License depending on the exacts of this, must have a Guilford County Business License and Greensboro City License

    2) Tree Removal

    Must have a seperate Guilford County and Greensboro City License AND be Bonded through a Company Certified in NC to issue Bonds and then also only a fool would let anyone do it and only a foolest person himself would commerically (for hire) drop a tree on anyone elses property without Insurance due to the high risk.
  5. Lawn-Scapes

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    Somewhere between $1.00 & $10,000.00....... without seeing it. :)
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  7. MMLawn

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  8. Branchland

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    Thank you Mike,

    What will happen if you're not? I've just never heard that you had to be licensed to pull weed, mulch etc... I thought I was on the up and up. I know about the sraying. Know people that's gotten caught spraying. Also where do you get the State Issued Landscape Contractors License?
  9. MMLawn

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    You can go to the Official State website and there is a link under Regulatory Agencies as the NC Landscape Contractors Board.

    The big question is as we discussed in another thread yesterday, is, what really consitutes a "landscape contractor". The lanugage in the Statues is vague in places and it would seem it may or may not apply in some cases. I do know that this board is very strict when they find companies/persons doing this work without a license and by statue it is actually a criminal violation to do so if it was pushed. I know the Director personally and he takes this very seriously and they would probably say, yeah everyone doing landscaping for hire in any form must have this license. BUT if you read the entire statue if you don't "present" yourself as a landscaper you may not have to have the license by statue, but they will not agree with that probably on the boards side.

    So, better safe than sorry I guess.
  10. Tony Clifton

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    I thought that the only time you need to be licensed as a landscape contractor is when you use landscape contractor in your business name. Example MM Lawn Landscape Contractors. At least that is what the info packet the state sent me says.

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