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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by rsw, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. rsw

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    i need help. i have got doctors office that wants about

    #1 about 5500 sq. ft. of red mulch or pine straw spread

    #2 12 bushes planted { what would be best and low maint.]

    #3 400 hundred feet of edging

    in addition he wants lawn keep up weekly, my question is should i give him price on mulch and bushes on one contract and give him another one on weekly maint. he also wants me to do his house and put it in office contract.

    i really need help on pricing #1 and #2

  2. GLAN

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    Use this for mulch calculations

    Find out where you can get that amount of mulch, either you pick it up or have it delivered. You should have no problem with getting more than double the cost of the mulch.

    I can't tell ya. I do not know the site, soil condition, exposure and so on. Try a nursery where you will be getting the mulch you may get a nice deal on the package. Chose something that will grow a little at least, so that later on you can do shrub trimming....;)

    I guess your fine with all the rest, correct?
  3. dvmcmrhp52

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    5500 sq.ft. =35 yards at 2" thick or 51 yards at 3" thick.
    Add your mulch cost,plus labor charge.
    That sounds like a lot of mulch for a doctors office.
  4. rsw

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    thanks for all the info. i am going to nursery tomorrow to see about bushes.

    thanks to everyone

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