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Help on pricing


LawnSite Fanatic
Grand Rapids MI
Typical is about three dollars per thousand sqft--plus $25 as a base fee.
That is for a first class job. Top quality work. Money back guarantee.
Grass green. Weeds need to be gone. Crabgrass, too. Insects where needed.
Fungicide optional at reasonable cost.


LawnSite Fanatic
Only you know. What’s your time worth? What are your cost? You can go broke going off what others say.

Don’t offer a service you are not 100% sure about. If you want to get into weed control practice on your own lawn. Develop a program and go from there.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I have to ask....do you have your pesticide license?
Careful, you will get a slap on the hand for asking that question from a member on here. He figured I was a pesticide policeman when I asked that same question on another thread.


LawnSite Bronze Member
We had a pest control company in my area decide to get into lawncare. They knew very little about it. It didn't take long before they had a guy mix roundup into a nurse tank and spray 30 lawns some of which were large commercial properties. This caused monumental problems for everyone and they no longer provide lawn treatments.

I don't mean to belittle someone for branching off into this arena but I will say that this has to be given the respect that it is due. A thorough understanding of agronomics and lawn issues in your area is where you should start. There are several ways to determine pricing. One way is to decide what these applications will cost to perform. How many apps and what is the proper amount of nutrients per application. You need to reverse engineer your plan and then get some competing pricing for your area. Call local companies and get a quote on your own lawn then compare.