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Help on purchasing equipment


LawnSite Member
NW Michigan
OK, as I have stated in a couple of other threads I am starting out this year. Anyway I was looking through the classifieds this weekend and found a 36" mower for sale. Here are the details from the add and from talking to the individaul.

Here are the details.

Snapper/Kees 36" mower WB
12.5 HP Kawasaki engine
8-10 years old
fixed deck
variable drive
about 2000 hrs

Individual says (yes I am aware that anything can be said when selling something) that oil is changed every month. After talking to him he states that he completley clears out all the fuel for winter. Has used it as a backup now for a while. From talking to him he sounded like he knew what he was talking about as far as maintanace and "sounded" like he has kept it up pretty well.

PRICE $500

My use for this machine will only be for about 2 months until I have more money (personal money--not business money) to get a Z or something else. By July this should be my back up machine as well. I only have about 5 customers at this time.
I am just curiouse what peoples opinions are about this machine. I was going to spend 500-800 for a new 21" self propelled mower before I saw this add. Now I am considering getting this and really only using it for a couple of months.
I am NOT taking out loans or financing ANY equipment. I am only buying what I can afford. So new equipment (bigger) is not an option right now. Just starting off and want to keep it simple. I now alot of people are going to say buy this and that or do this and that, and to tell you the truth I really don't want to hear that. I just want opinions on this machine.
If you have had experience with these machines, I would appreciate any comments. THANK YOU. This is a great site and I have picked up alot of good info. Keep up the great work everyone.



LawnSite Bronze Member
Im not familiar with that mower brand. But $500 doesnt sound way too high. For what you are planing to do ,its sounds like the way to go until you save up the cash for something bigger & better. And then you would have a backup machine.


LawnSite Member
i agree go with what you can afford and make it work...not everyone here started with 8k mowers....as far as snapper i dont know much about them...but in all seriousness make sure you buy a sulky or go surf the web at sulky's and take the idea to a welding shop you can have them build something probally cheaper then going to a dealer...just my .02 good luck


LawnSite Member
NW Michigan
Thanks guys. I quess that was the response I was hoping for. It would be nice to have a 36" instead of a 21" even if I got to baby it for a couple of months.
Even though I think I am going to go with this peice of machinery, I would like to still hear from anyone that has used it or is familiar with it. Anything would be appreciated.
Thanks for the responses.