Help on Quoting a Summer Project??

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by spartan40, Apr 4, 2008.

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    We have a long lit of things we are planning on doing to our home this summer. First we plan to do a Spring Cleanup (raking, watering, reseeding, etc.). We plan on mulching in all of our flower beds that surround the house. And we want to mulch our flower bed we have in the back yard. We need to extend some of these beds in the front yard by about a foot also. We want to have some kind of boarder between the flower bed and the grass. Either edging or laying the black strip down would be fine. We have 4 drainage pipes that take the runoff from our home to the back yard and these are buried right now. We wish to dig them up and lay some pea stones down underneath these pipes to help with drainage. Another thing is we have a section of house that needs to be painted which is about 3 ft by 20 ft. Another thing is in one of our flower beds we have several bushes that need to be replaced or removed and possible moved to a different spot. These are medium to small bushes. The back of our lawn is very close to a wetlands area and it at times floods or is very wet. Is there anything we can do to prevent this from getting wet this summer? This is our list we were wondering how much this should cost and how we should pay? Hourly or one flat rate? Any help on this matter would be very helpful. Thank you!!
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    Well, first off how big are the flower beds ? what kind of mulch are you going to be using ? What kind of boarder ? Stone,plastic ect? How fare down are the drain pipes ? is this causing the yard to flood or be wet or is just that you have the wet land there ? 3ft by 20 ft for the paint go to home depot or Lowes and buy the paint and do this yourself should take you about 25min to do. I would not hire a painter for this little of a job. Are the bushes going to be thrown out or are you wanting to move them to a different location. As for the wet land, do you think if you put a wall between your yard and the wet land about 3 feet deep into the groud and a foot out of the ground this would stop the water or is it just wet all over ? All this plays a major factor in your time and money. When it comes to paying for this you will probably get charged both a hourly and flat rate and if you can find a company that can do all this for you the way you want this done all in one you will be paying big bucks. Let me know how big the beds are and I will be able to give you a better idea on how much this will be
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    What is a normal hourly rate for a jobs like that??

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