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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by two_planks, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. two_planks

    two_planks LawnSite Member
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    I know its hard to say if your not in my area but I just want to know if you think I'm out ot lunch on this bid:

    Poisoning and removal of 12 20-25' poplars. Property management company wants a positive kill but seperate price on stump grinding.

    Poisoning will take place approx 2-3 weeks before removal of the trees. Subing it out to a guy who has ticket, he's giving me approx 50% off his regular price (cost to me $180+ gst) I'm charging $350+ gst.

    Once the trees have significantly died back we will remove and clean up all 12 trees. I'm thinking $1601.25+ gst (I might add another 10% to that figure).

    Stump grinding will be priced seperately but the bid will specifically state that with out it I will not guarentee a positive kill (as will the contract if I get the bid) Stumps are all around 10" at ground level so calling it 22"/ stump to allow for underground width (no surface runners that I can see) I'll bid it at $990+ gst. I'll probably sub it out wich will cost me approx $726+ gst.

    Poisoning $ 350.00
    Removal $1601.25
    Grinding $ 990.00

    Total $2941.25

    The math all works out on paper but for some reason it seems a little low. Any opinions?
  2. fishman644

    fishman644 LawnSite Member
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    thats alot of work for what you are bidding.
  3. two_planks

    two_planks LawnSite Member
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    Yeah, I looked at the job, figured time on each individual tree, and applied it to an $85/ hour rate. I think I'm under estimating cleanup time

    [edit/] I'm thinking that a guaranteed positive kill is also worth more money than not. If they want that guarantee I need to cover my A$$.
  4. Green Pastures

    Green Pastures LawnSite Silver Member
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    Sounds low to me.

    Why do they want the trees killed before cutting down?

    Isn't cutting them down and grinding the stumps going to accomplish killing them?

    What's up with that?
  5. Rebel7695

    Rebel7695 LawnSite Member
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    " I think I'm under estimating cleanup time"

    Cleanup time is always underestimated.... That is on my worksheet...."DONT FORGET CLEANUP" ... I always have the actual work figured to the tee, but then i forget about having to blow everything, put everything up... wash equipment, truck, loading and unloading etc... i have gotten better at it though...
  6. two_planks

    two_planks LawnSite Member
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    They just want to make sure. If the roots sucker they will ruin a lot of $$$ worth of asphalt.
  7. two_planks

    two_planks LawnSite Member
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    Okay, I just reworked the numbers and came up with a much better price. I'm much happier with the results and they seem more on track to me. Total price of $3,949.79. I know thats a big jump but realistically I think that the cleanup will end up taking twice as long as I originally estimated.
  8. Mowing Mike

    Mowing Mike LawnSite Member
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    Your Price sems way high to me. How many man hr do you think it will take to do all the work? Are the trees in a place that is hard to get to or are they out in the open? If you cut and grind popular trees the will not come back no need for killing first.


    TREEGODFATHER LawnSite Member
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    Your price is ridiculous, and I say that without even seeing the job.

    Poisoning is a waste of the customers' money. Once the stumps are ground, the likelyhood of regrowth is minimal at best already; covering it with asphalt which blocks out light/water/oxygen, is a definite guarantee.
  10. bottlefed89

    bottlefed89 LawnSite Member
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    If you're really dealing with 20-25' trees, your price is absurdly high to me. I also disagree with the poisoning thing, but that's your deal. Are you using a chipper or will you be hauling the brush??

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