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As I read more and more on this site it appears that if I were traveling through the states and experienced something like car trouble, I bet I could call on some of you for assistance. You know, people who have something in common tend to be more willing to help those same type people. I see it all the time with the local firefighters I'm associated with. The same goes for people who RV around the country. So if you are ever in my neck of the woods and need some help, give me a call. We'll pull the family together, eat a bite and go check out the equipment and accounts. Plus if your cars in the shop for a couple of days, I could use the help. We need a directory of names, locations and phone numbers.


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There's good and bad in everything, but for the record, if one of my friends (or their wives, esp.) was broke down, I would stay there until I fixed it, or they made it home. Rain, sleet, heatwave, wouldn't matter. Hate to see people suffer alone, but I wouldn't want anybody being there suffering with me. I work alone.

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I AGREE !! Need the private id list of Nextel as well. I can say thet if someone is in need I always try to help. One day the shoe may be on the other foot.

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