Help on Wright stander models


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Hello, I've been researching online for a couple of weeks now and I am wondering if you can help me out.

I used a Wright stander for two years back in 06 and 07. I belevie it was a 04 Wright stander. I liked it a lot and we never had many problems with it. I am currently looking for a stander and like the Wright company but they have a few different models. Can anyone help me to choose which mower. Looking for a 52" Wright but there are a few different models and not sure what is really the diffence in the m now.
Thanks guys


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The Stander ZK is the beast it can fly at 13.5 mph, and it can have a 52'' or 61'' deck, and a 27 or 31hp engine so if you have a lot of big hilly accounts or big accounts this is the one for you.

The Stander is basically what you had just a few changes they aren't real noticeable you can get a 52" deck and you can get a 20hp, or 24hp, or even a 26hp engine.

The Stander X is the newest and has the new aero core deck, and some really cool new features, and you can get the 52'' deck and a 24hp engine it is faster then the Stander it is almost kinda like a combination of the ZK and Stander.

The Stander RH has the rapid height adjustment so it is really easy to change the height quickly and easily, with a single lever, and can have a 52'' deck and 20hp engine, but I don't think it is as fast as the other ones.