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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AB Lawn Care, Apr 5, 2000.

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    Lawrence, there are only a couple of areas in Ontario where termites are a problem. And yes they will be banning a lot of pesticies in the citys here soon. One of the towns I do work in has a huge white grub problem and they are still considering banning insecticides. The local Medical Doctors have organized a group to lobby the town to ban all lawn chemicals. They are pushing for control with nematodes for white grubs only. I just wrote and passed my exterminator's licence and don't even advertise it because it will cost me business in the work I want to do. I live about 60 miles from Adam and know exactly what he is talking about. I think the bottom line here is that you have to have a good client base and do other types of work in the off season, deck building, etc.
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    AB Lawn Care: <br>Let me say that my company is geared towards Landscape Maintenance ( I AM A GARDENER). We are a licensed contractor, a licensed pest control company, etc., etc., We are not a huge company. I still fill in where needed, my wife works in the field, and I face the same problems you do on a daily basis. Please excuse me if I don't understand your question correctly. It sounds like you're not sure about where to find the information you need, to justify your decisions; or you are not sure of the decisions you're making. If this is so then it is time to put out some $$'s and call in a consultant, read their books, join associations like ALCA, PLCAA, your local association, or get a mentor in your area. The first book you should check out, The E Myth Revisited Michael E. Gerber ISBN 0-88730-728-0 you can get this from This is not landscape specific, but a good business book. <br>I have used a few consultants in the past, some of which I mention here. There are others you can probably reach through professional associations like ALCA and PLCAA. The phone numbers could have changed since I last used them. ALCA 800-395-ALCA. PLCAA 800 458-3466, is geared more toward chemical lawn care. <br>Frank Ross of Ross-Payne & Associates, Barrington, Illinois. I don't have their phone number but ALCA should have it. (I was first exposed to them by an ALCA seminar in the 1970's. (It changed the whole way we did business). <br>Charles Vander Kooi consultant and book publisher. I have all of his books and have attended several seminars. He seems to be geared more towards construction than maintenance. His book The Complete Business Manual for Landscape, Irrigation And Maintenance Contractors seems to be a summary of all his other books. I frequently reference it. Vander Kooi & Associates Inc., PO Box 621759, Littleton, CO. 80162. 303-697-6815, <br>Phil Nilsson, Nilsson Associates. Publishes many books. I think I have most of them. Never heard him talk or hired him as consultant. He holds a weekly on line seminar at his web site. <br>James R. Huston Smith Huston, Inc. PO Box 1244, Englewood, CO 80150-1244. E-Mail 800-451-5588. James use to work for Vander Kooi went out on his own a long time ago. We have had Jim come in and review our operations and advise us. We also use him by phone when we have a question we are not sure about. We use some of his software and frequently reference his book Estimating for Landscape & Irrigation Contractors. <br>Kevin Kehoe, Kevin Kehoe & Company, 11 Gullwing, Laguna Nigel, CA 92677. 949-363-8416, Fax 949-363-8417 I've attended his seminars & bought his books. Straight forward no non-sense kind of a guy. One of my mentors used him. Very satisfied, mentor had 3 million a year in landscape maintenance sales, average profit 3% to 4% (this is normal) doing what Kevin suggested raised profits to 6% even after bonuses for staff, and staff bought in to the company goals. <br>Jim Paluch JP Horizons Inc. (440) 254-8211, Fax 800-715-8326. If you are really down and beat up this is The Guy. I've attended his seminars and purchased his books. He is GREAT for motivation and sales. You feel refreshed after a 8 hour seminar. How About the rest of you guys (gals) jumping in and letting us know about other consultants, seminars and mentors. And how they helped you?<p>Darrell<br>PLM, California.<br><p>
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    Darrell, I just had James R. Huston come to my business this past Saturday. He was great! Jim helped me answer business questions that were always in the back of my mind. He also set me up for a profitable season with a time and rate schedule to follow for the year. He set up equipment costing files for me to use in excel. I plan on meeting with him again in the future. He is worth every penny. I feel that it is always good to keep an open mind and to listen to what others have to teach you.<p>Chris<br>
  4. Cantoo wrote:<p> &gt;The local Medical Doctors have organized a group to lobby the town to ban all lawn chemicals. <p>No wonder why you canucks have to travel to<br>Buffalo for proper health care.<p>I have heard my people have died while waiting for the approval for a medical procedure while the paperwork was shuffled<br>around in your(Canuck)socalist health care system.
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    plm2 you must have my reading list in front of you, the E-myth is first, i actually use that book for a seminar i give for landscaper. Marty Grunder from the winners Circle is great for marketing and getting higher prices and Bob Riley of Green pro is very good for business systems and ways to increase profits. your consultant list is top notch and i would not be at the point i am at without all those consultants. I am the big guy most of you don't like. but i started with a push mower and did every thing wrong until i got consultants and read pro mag.
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    Adam,<p>Are you in Niagara-On-The-Lake? Just a guess.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
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    Stone, YOU DUMMY, where do you hear this garbage you are spouting? I know you are a lawn nut but try to stay out of discussions you know nothing about. Our health care beats yours anyday. We actually have it. It's for everyone, not the elitist system your country has developed. WE used to have your health care system until we grew up and started treating citizens less like dogs. HMO's who decide on what care you can receive? I've never seen anyone in Canada refused service. Maybe a bit slow but at least it's available and doesn't cost the earth. You have nothing to crow about with your health care system,the few times I have been in American Hospitals I have been appaled at the costs. How does an ordinary person afford those outrageous bills. Maybe thats why you have a lower standard of living than us and have an infant mortality rate near third world countries. Listen more,talk less Stone.
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    Lawernce-Once agian you make me laugh.<p>Steven Bousquet and PLM 2-I have sevral books from nilsson associates and am a member of the winners circle.Agian I not in need of marking my busines,rather I need to see exactly how much I am making and how much I will need to raise my prices to get to where I want to be.Thanks for the suggestions!<p>cutandtrim-I live in stratford 1/2 an hour away from london and kitchiner.<p>from:Adam<p>AB Lawn Care<p>
  9. Kermit wrote:<p>&gt;I've never seen anyone in Canada refused service. Maybe a bit slow <p>Thanks for making my point. When people need health care the need it ASAP.<p>BTW did you know that NO ONE can be refused<br>emergency room treatment in any US public<br>hospital even if they have no insurance or the means to pay?<p>Higher standard of living. HA HA HA
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    Hey AB if your a winner circle member, you should come to the marty's boot camps landscaper boot camp. we have a blast, great speakers, networking and fun activity. I been th all tree and they better each time. next one in feb hope to see you there

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