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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jimrawr, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. jimrawr

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    Hello everyone, first post here..

    I recently purchased a new home, which didnt have any grass at the time. Part of the purchase and sales agreement was that they would put down hydroseed. This was done around April/May, cant remember exactly.

    Since then, we have had grass along with crabgrass and many weeds. The grass is not very thick at all, and there are a few areas that are dirty only, seems the seed didnt pick up. Yesterday finally I went to Home Depot to pick up something to fight the weeds and crabgrass. The product is called 'Ortho Weed B Gon'. I followed the directions and used a spray bottle connected to my water hose to apply the product to my whole lawn. This morning I can see the weeds are flopped over and dying, but the crabgrass looks healthy as ever.

    So now to my questions.. What is a quality product that can get rid of the Crabgrass, something available in Home Depot or a similar store. After the crabgrass is gone, what fertilizer should I use to help the grass grow? Something that can be applies easily connecting a sprayer to a hose would be best.

    Thanks for the help!!

    CLIFFNOTES: New grass has weeds + crabgrass, how do I get rid of them and then get the normal grass to grow in nice. Which products should I use?
  2. jimrawr

    jimrawr LawnSite Member
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    BTW I dont own a lawn company, and I realize this forum is targeted for you business owners, but I hope you can help me out nonetheless :waving:
  3. Frank Fescue

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    Where do you live? Up here in the Northeast its a death sentance to seed, especially hydroseed a lawn in May. The results you got are typical.. I'd suggest slice seeding or topdressing and overseeding early this fall. Put down a pre-emergent in the spring.
  4. jimrawr

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    Wow youre not going to believe it.. I live in Westport, MA really really close to Tiverton :) I cant remember exactly it might have been June. They were waiting awhile for the temperature to warm up..

    What exactly is slice seeding / top dressing? I am pretty much ignorant on lawn work. Is there a guide somewhere I could read to get up on the terms?
  5. Pythium

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    Let the crabgrass alone this year. The first good frost will kill it. Then follow the other posts instructions.
  6. jimrawr

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    Frank do you have a number that I could contact you on? Maybe I will be your newest customer considering you are so close. I couldnt find a way to send a private message on this forum.. Or maybe an email?
  7. jimrawr

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    bump so frank can see this
  8. junior091273

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    Let the crabgrass die off, aerate and overseed this fall with a blue grass, chances are they used a rye mix.

    Suggest two heavy apps of dimension EARLY spring.Get on a Fertilizer program.

    Probaly have to repeat over seeding until you get desired results.

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